Over the last 15 years, I cannot count the number of times a client has mentioned a past makeup experience that left them feeling like someone they didn't recognize. That should never happen.  Ever. While skill and experience are important factors in a satisfied client, makeup styling is just as important.  There are just as many personalities, styles and preferences as there are face shapes, eye shapes and skin tones.  Then factor in the occasion, mood, lighting and outfit, and that makes for a lot of possibilities... makeup is not just a one size fits all type of service.  That's why its so important to not only find a great artist, but one that "gets you." 

I began my professional makeup career as an artist for MAC Cosmetics in 2002, and later went on to oversee the training department for the Greater Phoenix Metro and San Francisco regions for over 8 years.  I have had the privilege of working several seasons backstage at New York Fashion Week and have honed my craft on thousands of faces.  My extensive experience includes weddings, makeup for photography and video, fashion shoots and everyday beauty.